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have you made an irrational choice today?
— Supreme Marketing Goblin
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wherein we begin to unravel an existential question

what’s in the box?

The time that has been foretold is at hand. The time of culling. Where all Platinum Editions of Baldur’s Gate Descent into Avernus must shuffle their mortal coils and head into the great beyond (more specifically, your diabolical clutches). And stop help bring that moment into being, let’s answer that question: what’s in the Platinum Edition? Let’s break it down, shall we?

The Entire Module

It’s in there.

We’ve broken it up into individual books to make it easier to navigate. In addition, most of the illustrations have been put onto separate pages to make them easier to reference or show your players during the game. Each one is marked with the encounter it’s associated with. Some of the illustrations are unique to the Platinum Edition and won’t be found anywhere else.



Here’s some other words.

Terrifying. Huge. Impressive.

Here’s another one. Unique. As in, this is the only place you can get this exact type of Infernal War Machine. See that wheel of death up front? That’s unique to our Platinum Edition.

Battle Maps

Turns out there’s a lot to explore in Baldur’s Gate and Avernus, and every once in a while, something you find will want to pick a fight. We include many high quality battle maps so you can explore every nook and cranny, and stab anything that pops out.

Encounter Cards

You know them, you love them. Over 40 of the sharpest teeth and fangs in all their glory.

Front side is so the players can see what’s rending them.

Back side so you have all the stats for the rend.


You’re going to need badges, and we’ve got ‘em.

You’re going to… need too strong? WANT other things as well. And they’re in there, but we can’t explain them yet. Assume it’s diabolical, infernal, and yes, binding in all the worst ways.


Letters, contracts of introduction, menus of infernal delights, all ready to hand to your players. And which, incidentally, we totally aren’t going to show you yet. Because spoilers.

If you want to see a beautiful selection of our previous handouts, click here.

AND THIS. You’ll need lots of these


Try not to think of the price

What is it… Is something in there, something trying so desperately, so futilely, to escape?




I’m not going to say anything about this. Just… take it in, mull it over, and wonder what’s behind those adorable, blank eyes.

I think we’re piling on at this point

Wherein we reap the whirlwind of letting Beadle get involved in the design process.

That’s him, on the left. Yes, the one spilling his ale.

The other fellow is Grimm. He also should not have been in on the design meetings.

Is that all?

Lord no. There’s Bonus Artwork, Large Canvas Maps, Bonus Encounters, and a ton of other stuff, but that’s all we have time for today, as the analytics department has some kind of rule about how many pages of scrolling content are allowed.

But while we’re here, let’s ask the Supreme Marketing Goblin some questions:

So when does it actually ship?

Wizards drops Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus in September. We start shipping in October.

what else is in the box?

Take a look at the Platinum Edition of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist for ideas, but there’s only so much we can reveal now before the full module is released. But you can expect, nay, demand, that it will be even more epic than last year’s Platinum Edition. We are in our ascension.

Will you include a D&D Beyond code in the Platinum Edition?

Yes! Woohoo! We’ll send out the code the day the module is released on D&D Beyond so you have time to study up before the Platinum Edition arrives.

What’s that strange and eerie sound?

That’s the Syrinscape soundtrack to Baldur’s Gate Descent into Avernus. There’s a coupon for that in the box too!

How many are you going to make?

We’re making 1000.

But what happens when we run out? Are we going to make more?

No. No we are not.

So how should that change your behavior? That’s up to you. But we did run out of the Platinum Edition of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, so choose wisely.

How many are left?

All of them.