welcome to beadle & grimm’s pandemonium warehouse

Wherein a group of grizzled old adventurers create a warehouse full of pandemonium, game kit they’d wished they’d had when they were less grizzled, and reams of legal and compliance paperwork.

Mostly pandemonium though.

We have sold out of the Platinum Edition of Waterdeep Dragon Heist. Thanks so much for your support.
— Supreme Marketing Goblin


what’s in the warehouse

book1_cover 3mv.jpg

the platinum Edition of waterdeep dragon heist

A high end, luxury edition of the module from Wizards of the Coast. We take a beautifully crafted box, jam it full of bonus artwork, battle maps, minis, jewelry, hand crafted in-world items, bonus encounters and characters, and anything else that moves too slowly to get away from our Goblin Engineering team.

Jumping Jehosaphat!

We’ve sold out!

We had a lot of fun doing this though, so we might just do it again! Scroll down the page to see hints, vague musings, and, of course, what we still do have for sale!

waterdeep faction tokens

Beautiful jewelry, previously only available in our platinum edition. Buy for your favorite character, or player.



trollskull tavern cups

You own it, live it. Cool, collapsable, metal shot glasses to bring to your next adventure.

sing me a song about the greatest dungeon delver who ever lived. I’ll pay double if it’s about me.
— Beadle the Dungeon Delver
I don’t know whether to stab him and rage, rage and then stab him, or just rage and wring his worthless dwarf neck.
— Grimm the Giant Slayer