and finally, of course, the module itself


reorganized around the seasons

Our version of the 224-page Waterdeep: Dragon Heist module is broken up into nine short, manageable books, so you can easily navigate the parts you’re using and set everything else aside. 

  • Introduction and Chapter 1 

  • Chapters 2 and 3 

  • Chapter 4 Spring and Chapter 5 

  • Chapter 4 Summer and Chapter 6 

  • Chapter 4 Fall and Chapter 7 

  • Chapter 4 Winter and Chapter 8 

  • Chapter 4 Intro/Vault 

  • Waterdeep Echiridion: A Visitor’s Guide to the City’s Splendors

  • Appendices 

In addition, most of the illustrations have been put onto separate pages to make them easier to reference or show your players during the game. Each one is marked with the encounter it’s associated with. Some of the illustrations are unique to the Platinum Edition and won’t be found anywhere else.

Keep an eye out for the Beadle & Grimm’s symbol in the margins of the text. It’s there to let you know that there’s an exclusive B&G asset (such as a map, handout, or bonus art) associated with this moment in the story.


plus the electronic version courtesy of d&D Beyond

You also get the original version of the module from D&D Beyond! Best of all, you get that when you order, so you can read up before the Platinum Edition arrives.


and welcome to the adventurers league

What happens in Waterdeep doesn't need to stay there. You also get an Adventurers League certificate with a magical item unique to the Platinum Edition that you can take with you to sanctioned games.