what’s in the damn box

spoilers ahead!

It’s time to release the hounds. Read on to see the full contents of the Platinum Edition of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist!

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in-world documents and letters

Don't describe it, produce it. Beautiful, high quality handouts you can give your players to enchant, educate, or intrigue. All handouts are on high quality paper and fit to be handed out to the players or displayed prominently in your gaming den.

  • waterdeep’s Code Legal

  • waterdeep Broadsheets (4)

  • Manshoon's sinister list

  • Jarlaxle's Confounding Letter

  • Deed to Trollskull Manor

  • Istrid Horn’s perplexing Letter

  • Uday's brief Note


battle maps

The 12 x 12 battle maps are for specific Waterdeep: Dragon Heist locations where you’re likely to see some serious combat. They’re printed on a dry-erase surface so you can draw spell effects and combat conditions right onto the map. Each of the five maps consists of four 12 x 12 tiles put together – just connect the same colored dots in the center and you’re good to go.

Additionally, we’ve included an exclusive set of four generic street maps. These 12 x 24 maps are able to be connected in endless variations so they can be used over and over for city street encounters – both in this module and beyond. Because of their reusability, we’ve mounted them on durable boards. The interiors of all the buildings are also included on three 12 x 12 tiles.

  • 4 12 inch by 24 inch reusable city maps, plus 3 12 inch by 12 inch interior maps

  • Gralhund’s Villa (4 12 x 12 inch tiles)

  • Mistshore (4 12 x 12 inch tiles)

  • Old Tower (4 12 x 12 inch tiles)

  • Cellar Complex (4 12 x 12 inch tiles)

ts manor_crop_upper_left.jpeg

Legacy Maps

Two big, beautiful canvas maps that you can roll out to your players or hang on your wall.

  • Map of Waterdeep

  • Trollskull Manor