More? really?



Bonus artwork

In addition to all the great art from the module, we also commissioned more art for you to share with your players.

  • Kolat Towers Arcane Rune

  • Cult of Asmodeus Ceremonial Hall

  • Xanathar’s Sanctum

  • Crypt of Xanathar’s Past

  • I Smell a Rat (from the bonus encounter)

  • Tratix's Ruse (from the bonus encounter)

  • Demon Party (from the bonus encounter)

  • Atop the Tiger's Eye (from the bonus encounter)


Bonus encounters and characters

If you’re looking for a combat encounter that’s more fleshed out than a random encounter roll, these bonus encounters are designed to fit right into Waterdeep: Dragon Heist at levels 1–3. Each encounter comes with its own exclusive artwork to help tell the story.

  • I Smell a Rat

  • Tratix’s Ruse

  • Demon Party

  • Atop the Tiger’s Eye

The histories on these characters have been developed to maximize your players’ engagement in the happenings of Waterdeep. Allow your group to play them, add them to the party as NPCs, or use them to inspire ideas for their characters’ backgrounds. 

  • Tanner Hawksley - Human Bard

  • Gorly Tinsplatter - Gnome Cleric

  • Vell Nailo - Drow Rogue

  • Rangrim Ironfist - Dwarf Fighter

  • miri bluecrown - human wizard


DM Screen

The enclosed custom DM Screen includes quick-reference charts and tables tailored for a Waterdeep: Dragon Heist urban campaign filled with different NPCs and factions. It’s a heads-up guide to the city, so it’s also perfect to keep using if you decide to create your own Waterdeep adventures later on.