Sea king’s malice kickstarter

We’re doing something a little new

A few months ago our Goblin advance scouts discovered that noted writer Alex Kammer is about to publish a new book through Frog God Games called Sea King’s Malice, and we got to talking. Wouldn’t it be cool if we did a little something together?

Actually, first we thought about stealing the manuscript, kidnapping him and leaving him for dead near the Salton Sea. We are, after all, Goblins. But then, after we sobered up and were warned off said plan by Grimm, we thought about working together. About seeing if we couldn’t sprinkle a little Beadle & Grimm’s onto his already seriously cool kickstarter….

And so we did.

Announcing Map Vault: Sea King’s Malice

map vault logo.jpg

We’re including three maps, like this one, for the three major ships in the adventure. Each map is double sided, one side is the ship as it is in the adventure, and the other is an identical ship but with the inner bulkheads and spaces left blank for you to fill in on its dry erase surface. Even better, they come in a beautifully decorated tube for storing and transporting the maps to your games. We’ve built these for reusability and we want them to stay ship-shape for many adventures to come.


We’re super excited to be able to support such a cool adventure, and extra excited to launch a new product for Beadle & Grimm’s. Watch this space, as new Map Vaults will be coming your way this year.

And Alex, in all seriousness, you should know it was a near thing, and that our friend who slithers and worms its way through the briny depths of the Salton Sea dreams of you still. Sleep tight.