Sinister Silver FAQS:

Q: Does this include the entire book?

A: Yes. We break it up in to softcover books to allow you to concentrate on the active section, but everything is there..

Q: will there be a platinum edition?

A: No. Only a Silver Edition for Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

Q: when is the silver edition shipping!

A: You’re soaking in it! We’re shipping now!

Q: what about the jewelry I bought separately?

A: Jewelry is shipping generally within a few days of your order.

Platinum FAQs:

Q: what's in the box?

A: Magic. No, really. Take a look! If you want to see what was in our previous Platinum Edition, take a look right here.

Q: how do I order?

A: You can’t. It’s a limited edition and we’re all sold out.

Q: When are you shipping?

A: October.

Q: Where Do You Ship To?

A: US, Canada, UK, most of Europe, Australia and Singapore. Check the order page and see if your country is on the list. If it’s not, complain to the Support Goblin.

Q: What happens when you sell out? what's next?

A: Once the Platinum Edition is gone, it's gone. That's what Limited Edition means.