Sinister Silver FAQS:

Q: will this be available internationally?

A: Yes. Give us a few days and we’ll be ready to go.

Q: will there be a platinum edition?

A: No. Only a Silver Edition for Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

shipping FAQs:

Q: What about international shipments? I haven’t gotten a tracking number yet!

A: We have shipping the Platinum Edition and it is currently spreading the last of its tendrils around the world. If you haven’t gotten a tracking number Bother a Support Goblin!

Q: Why are there two sets of bonus art?

A: Long story, but the short of it is don’t trust Engineering Goblins.

OK. The longer story is that we didn’t specify the paper quality until too late, and rather than remove the already packaged art, we had it reprinted on proper art stock and added to the box. So you end up with two copies.

Q: what about the jewelry I bought separately?

A: Jewelry is shipping generally within a few days of your order.

General FAQs:

Q: who are you?

A: The short answer is that we are a new company, licensed with Wizards of the Coast, that was founded with the goal of making your games great.

Q: what's in the box?

A: Magic. No, really. Take a look right here. If you want details, but no spoilers, click here.

Q: how do I order?

A: You can’t. We’re out!

Q: When are you shipping?

A: Right now (see above).

Q: Where Do You Ship To?

A: US, Canada, UK, most of Europe, Australia and Singapore. Check the order page and see if your country is on the list. If it’s not, complain to the Support Goblin.

Q: you're sold out? what's next?

A: Once the Platinum Edition is gone, it's gone. That's what Limited Edition means.

HOWEVER! We have great things planned for 2019!