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The Platinum Edition (mild) spoiler page

Need to know more about what’s in the box before taking the plunge? We understand. Below is as much detail as we can risk sharing without spoiling anything!


* All images represent a work in progress and might be slightly different than the shipping product.

B&G - Black Book STAND.jpg

the box

It starts here. This is the piece that sits proudly on your bookshelf. 


And what is it about that strange green stone on the cover? It seems to be whispering to you, a voice inside your head that says, "Take me off the box and show me to your players, I have things to say."



Deconstructed Module

Our box contains the module in its entirety, but we’ve broken it down into 8 smaller books to make it easier to find what you need, when you need it:

  1. Chapters 1-3 and magic items
  2. City Denizens, Friendly Faces and Mission Guide
  3. Chapter 4 (Part 1) & Chapter 5
  4. Chapter 4 (Part 2) & Chapter 6
  5. Chapter 4 (Part 3) & Chapter 7
  6. Chapter 4 (Part 4) & Chapter 8
  7. Finale
  8. Volo’s Guide to Waterdeep

Plus, some parts of the module are just easier to use on their own individual pages:

  • All of the most important maps
  • All of the major artwork

custom DM Screen

DM Screen Mockup (1).jpeg

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is a city-based adventure, and that means tons of NPCs for a DM to keep track of. The exclusive Platinum Edition DM screen will be packed with quick reference guides to help you keep track of who’s who, who’s aligned with whom, and where they’re likely to be found. On the player side, we feature some of our favorite artwork from the module.



The Platinum Edition contains 22 Nolzur’s Marvelous Minis: 2 of the larger (50mm base) figures and 20 of the smaller (25mm base) figures. The minis were selected with a preference towards the things you can fight – we want you to be able to use them with the amazing battle maps we’re including (more on those below). We can’t give away much more here, but we have been given permission to reveal one of our favorites.


Battle Maps

A bunch of BATTLE MAPS to play out some of the biggest encounters from Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, including this amazing, multi-piece isomorphic map of the city streets designed to be used over and over.


encounter Cards

A stack of ENCOUNTER CARDS for the most important interactions in your Waterdeep adventure. They fit right over your custom DM screen, with art for the players on one side and all the key stats and DM role-playing aids on the other.


Bonus Artwork

B&G - ClassStamp.png

The Platinum Edition contains a bunch of original artwork to hand out to your players, all created by veteran D&D artists. Some of these reflect the bonus encounters we’ve created to supplement the original adventure, like this one…

B&G - ClassStamp.png

… while others depict key points in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist that we’re making more interactive. There are several moments where astute players can locate secret levers, buttons, inscriptions… why just roll a perception check when they can try and find it for themselves, hidden in the beautifully rendered artwork?


Custom Handouts

Letters, journal pages, city newspapers... each box contains multiple handouts crafted to look like they came straight from the hand of a Waterdeep friend… or foe.

Legacy Maps

We’re giving you two oversize maps meant to become a part of your ongoing campaign. One is a full map of Waterdeep. The other we can’t tell you about, but we think your players will absolutely love it.

B&G - ClassStamp.png

BONus encounters

Our box contains four bonus encounters for you to work into the adventure as you see fit. All of them can fit seamlessly into the campaign, so you can insert when you need an extra chance to say, "roll initiative".

B&G - ClassStamp.png

custom pLayer Characters

The Platinum Edition comes with 5 fully-realized characters custom-made for Waterdeep – with backgrounds that will help to connect them to the campaign to come. Use them to supplement an existing party, replace a tragically deceased character, or to just create a new party from scratch!


 Faction insignia

D&D licensee Han Cholo has created 6 exclusive wearable faction insignias to match the factions of Waterdeep. When your players choose their ally (or allies), let them wear their new allegiance with pride!


Dragon Coin

When you saw the word “Heist” in the title, you knew gold was going to be involved, right? Han Cholo is making a full-sized recreation of the Waterdeep version of the gold piece – the Dragon – for you to share with your players.


set of four other han cholo items we can't tell you about

Sorry. Just no way to hint at this one without ruining one of our favorite events in the adventure.


Special offers

We’re partnering with other D&D licensees to give you some amazing special deals on their products and services, including a free subscription to D&D Beyond! That's right, the Platinum Edition includes a unique code that unlocks Waterdeep: Dragon Heist on D&D Beyond in digital format in the game compendium and gives access to all the adventure's options in the searchable listings, character builder, and digital sheet.


And we also include an official Adventurers League Certificate, which means what you do in Waterdeep doesn't stay there. You've been warned.



overheard at Gen Con

Thanks so much for everyone who took the time to talk to us at Gen Con. We had a fantastic time, and are already looking forward to next year. It was our first chance to show you at least SOME of the stuff that's going to be included in the Platinum Edition, and we really appreciate your feedback and suggestions. 


I ordered one at Gen Con after seeing just a sample of what will be offered. And talking with all the guys at @BeadleAndGrimm, I am confident they will hit this out of the park. If you have the ability to, buy it now! I promise you it will be worth the investment!


Major #gencon2018 highlight: meeting the dedicated people @BeadleAndGrimm and preordering Waterdeep: Dragon Heist - Platinum Edition. Thank you for creating products for DMs who want to go that extra mile for their players. Fellow DMs, only 1,000 copies IIRC; don’t miss out!



If you're into D&D you've got to go by/buy booth 2605a. @MatthewLillard and @BeadleAndGrimm have an amazing platinum edition D&D chest that is AMAZING!


Definitely check out @BeadleAndGrimm and see what they've got in the box. Their package for the new Waterdeep book is absolutely gorgeous and super immersive. LOVE the city watch pins.


I got to meet 1 of my fav actors at #gencon. @MatthewLillard and the creators of an amazing looking platinum ed. boxed set up for preorder - Waterdeep: Dragon Heist they are not just a cool guys but also #rpgfans - http://bit.ly/2OcDBgC #takemymoney #GenCon2018 #gencon51